Analysing the Blue Planet – Expository Mode

1 – People may have different expectations from a programme released by less known broadcasting channels, when a production has a corporation like the BBC backing it, the viewer gives a pre-cast decision about the production and decides that if it’s been funded or released by the BBC, the actual entertainment or educational value the show gives should be quite high. The viewer also distinguishes the programme as “high quality” rather than a production released or produced by a less credible channel or production house.

2 – The use of a respected figure like David Attenborough adds to the overall credibility of the production, even the use of his name to “endorse” the show has a lifting effect which gives the viewer more of a reason to consume the documentary.

3 – The music gives the clip an “inspiring” mood as the orchestral music connotes that something special is happening. This accompanied with the use of slow motion while the whale is moving gives the intro a majestic feeling.

4 – Attenborough’s voice has a certain pitch that resonates with the viewer; with the use of descriptive words about the subject matter paired with the slow motion wildlife footage gives a “breath-taking” effect, as the POV of the footage is so unique it has an engaging effect that draws the consumer in.

5 – The soundtrack accompanying the footage uses the narrator’s voice to create an educational vibe to the documentary, Attenborough’s voice is clipped in and out of the soundtrack as the wildlife sound is muted or snubbed out while he is talking, this can drive more attention to his voice as his general vocabulary is quite educational, and due to his respectability viewers generally tend to engage and connect with his work.

6 – Having such a unique camera angle like a shot from space or an angle in-between sharks angle gives the viewer an  exclusive POV which the viewer has most likely never experienced before, the danger element also plays here as it can be seen as dangerous to be diving in-between sharks and whales

7 – The script Attenborough follows links the different sectors really well, he’ll link the segments with literal links, sometimes following the geographical location of the animals, or linking in in-between something like the animals food chain, all being quite relative to the subject matter


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