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Restructured Paragraph

New technology isn’t always welcomed in the media industry as it does sometimes forces a company to re-invest millions to reach the same level as their competitors, this financial risk can affect a company’s future, if the investment doesn’t reap overall profit the company has lost most of their money in a dead technology. An example of a company not taking this risk can be seen in Disney’s history as they had produced Tron, a short CG animated film which was a staff production which was never destined to be released to the public, as it was only a test to see what CG animation could bring to the world of animation. An early pioneer in CG animation John Lasseter, had pitched the idea to Disney to create a full length feature film created with CG animation, Disney didn’t see financial validity in the use of CG animation and had shunned the very idea that CG would take over the use of traditional animation. But as further developments and productions show, the public wanted CG in the animation industry, as it was something new and revolutionary in the world of animation and even media. Disney even goes back on its word and pairs with Pixar in a new world animation deal. This re-investment in new technology however did benefit Disney in the end, as they now see 3D animations financial worth and trust Pixar to develop new versions of RenderMan, which is the software that produces all of the new releases created by Pixar.