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Opening Scene Analaysis – Training Day

In the opening scene of the film “Training Day,”  the audience is introduced to Alonzo, Denzel’s character. Alonzo plays a Los Angeles police detective who is training a young man how the LA streets work. Many would perceive Alonzo as a confident, yet cocky man who acts more like a criminal than he does a police officer. The film portrays this side of Alonzo in many ways. The first way is his dress. Alonzo dresses in all black; He also wears several silver chains with crosses attached to them. This type of dress shows the dark side of Alonzo, but it also coordinates with the rainy day. The chains show a “thug” side of Alonzo.

When Alonzo approaches his car, he walks with a lean, also giving off a feeling that Alonzo is kind of a thug. The biggest hint to Alonzo’s thug side however is the song he plays when he gets into his car, which is “Still Dre” by Dr. Dre, and is a hip-hop song with extremely vulgar language. This is not a typical song for a police officer to be driving around in. The car Alonzo drives, an older Chevrolet Impala, is not a typical police car. When Alonzo starts the car he pulls up a switch that controls the hydraulics on the car, which really makes the viewer question Alonzo’s true identity. The fact that Alonzo even drives an Impala makes the viewer wonder if he is even a police officer. When Alonzo and his trainee are driving down the street, the camera angles rapidly change as the hip-hop song plays. It starts with a view of the wheels on the car, which are very fancy, and then quickly flashes to the front of the car, focusing on the emblem, then switches quickly from the front to the side to the back. All of these rapid camera angles showing off the fanciness of the car top off Alonzo’s hip-hop view. Overall, the whole point of this scene is to introduce Alonzo as a strange policeman that has a different identity than we typically perceive a police officer.