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The Watershed – 19th September 2012

On the watershed trip we had viewed three independent films, either funded by kickstarter programmes, or by personal funding. We had seen films from 3 directors. Short animation, Operator by Matt Walker, fictional film The Claw written by Nathan Hughes, Produced by Jacob Parish and The Small Storytellers, and documentary 7 Stones directed and produced by Conor MacCormack

I personally found this really informative, as it gave me a good insight into what it takes to produce an independent film, it takes a lot of time and hard work, and many sources of funding, but if you can pull it off the end result is worth it.

We found out that all three films were actually financed by multiple funding schemes, the most popular scheme being the “kickstarter” programme, this is where the director/directing group release their idea (pitch) to the public, and through their page, people can view their ideas and see whether it is a worthy cause to donate to, many independent film today are now funded this way.